Edo the Reliable

The Power of Scribbling

In Tools on March 6, 2009 at 1:58 pm

A NYC design studio that I hired to design the logo for a start-up I was PM for, had this smart policy: the first version of any design logo is in B&W. Only when approved, venture to discuss colors. The rationale is obvious: color tends to, uh, color our judgment and the design better be powerful even if it’s not done in shocking pink.

Balsamiq Mockups similarly (and ingeniously) improves the mockup design process by intentionally designing in scribbly, marker-like lines. This helps my designs to avoid being evaluated for what they do not intend to include: font choices, color schemes, button looks and photograph content.

I used the online version of Balsamiq for a small project; not only it enhanced my productivity, but it quickly felt transparent and allowed me enter the a “flow” mode and drink of the fountain of inspiration. Yes, I was that happy with the result – and the programmer did, too. He never came back for questions, and instead was able to implement 80% of the functionality I needed, overnight. It rarely gets clearer than that.
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