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Collective Intelligence Makes it to Science Magazine

In Social Networks on October 2, 2010 at 3:35 pm

The number of women in a group is predictive of the group’s intelligence – this is just one of the interesting highlights in research of MIT’ Center for Collective Intelligence (Woolley and others) that has been accepted for publication in Science. This is interesting


This is Thomas Malone, Director of the Center elaborating on collective intelligence in the Davos economic forum this year. He mentions Google, Wikipedia and Linux as examples, but curiously enough, no Facebook. I guess Facebook needs to wait before it can be mentioned in Davos or Science in the context of intelligence.

Here‘s a video interview with Malone from earlier this year,  where he does discuss Facebook, and places the privacy controversy in a historical context of scale.

  1. Thanks for the mention! Interviewing Mr. Malone was a pleasure. I tried to watch the above clip, but the flasher says “no” (video is private, you need to accept the sender’s request)… didn’t get any request yon Youtube though – just wanted to let you know.

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