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Email 2.0: The Elephant in The Room

In Email, Social Networks on December 6, 2009 at 12:07 am

The Wise Developers and the ElephantFrom an engineering perspective, Gmail is a success story. But from a product perspective, its adoption was less successful than other Google products. Gmail is the fourth most popular email service – a far cry from Google’s domination of the search market. The challenge may be amplified as Chrome OS gains market share. As Chrome encourages users to move to web-based email, the majority of these converts may enroll in non-Google services.

Originated almost half a century ago, email is an inadequate platform. It chugs along, true – but only because it’s patched by hacks upon hacks like a steam engine contraption in rural India. When an innovator comes along and fixes one, or few problems, the result is instant success (Hotmail, Gmail, Box.net, Dropbox, Xobni, registered e-mail services such as Readnotify that’s providing the email delivery notifications shown below). You don’t need to be a great innovator to improve email -you just have to see the elephant in the room.

Readnotify has been providing these futuristic email services for several years

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