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No Calendar API in iPhone SDK 3, Developers Search for Alternatives

In iPhone, iPhone apps on June 13, 2009 at 2:08 pm

Iambic’s Agendus for Palm OS is one software I can’t imagine living without – and it amazed the hell out of me to realize it cannot port to iPhone, nor can any other smart calendar app. Apple just doesn’t let developers access the calendar; and I thought that iPhone apps only seem limited to me because I’m too old to get iFart. In fact, the lack of calendar makes Apple’s concept of collaborating with developers closer to Facebook than to Palm… or to Apple II.

It is interesting that as Iambic, serious app developers, approach the iPhone they “are also researching alternate ways of getting to the native calendar storages, without going for the jailbroken option”. This is not the first time I heard about this approach to dvelopment of iPhone apps at this time. 

Agendus for iPhone: interview with iambic | PDA-247

I totally understand those Agendus users out there who, when hearing version 1.0 of the iPhone flavour has no calendar integration, feel disappointed. Sadly enough, so far Apple doesn’t allow any third party app to access the calendar. Essentially the iPhone SDK doesn’t provide functions allowing developers to tie into calendar related data. Why is this? Unclear at the moment, but on the other hand there are some APIs allowing access to contact info, which we are fully taking advantage of, and these allow us to integrate contacts.
Unfortunately things don’t appear to change much even in version 3 of the SDK, or at least in the latest beta version we have, there still is no Calendar related API.

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