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Enhanced SendTo (Send To Toys 2.5)

In General GUI, Tools on April 16, 2009 at 4:24 pm

Send To Toys is an enhancement of the “Send To” function on the Windows right-click context menu. It enables users to customize the context menu on the fly.

Windows does offers some pre-set “Send To” destinations, most notably “Send To Email Recipient” and some volume/folder destinations. Few users suspect any folder can be added as a destination. The catch is, you must be comfortable drag-dropping file icons to a system directory (\Windows\SendTo), after disobeying this Windows XP warning which is displayed upon clicking into \Windows:

These files are hidden. This folder contains files that keep your system working properly. You should not modify its contents.

The possible workarounds only serve to further illustrate how Windows UI issues are not accidental – Windows never really had an admin-less, or “home” edition. Annoyances.org, a web site specializing in Windows annoyances and their solutions, has a dedicated SendTo page, suggesting not just to “drag-drop any folders, programs, or drive icons into this folder” – but also “create a shortcut to the Send To folder in the Send To folder itself, it makes it easy to add new objects later on!“. But what if you’re not partial to self-referential thinking in hidden system directories you shouldn’t be modifying?

This idea – configuring menus using a menu option – is better implemented in Send To Toys (above). It adds the self-explanatory “Folder…” destination to the Send To menu, plus some other useful non-folder destinations. By the way, if you like this in-place approach to configuring menus, check out two successful Firefox add-ons – “Add Bookmark Here” and “Add to Search Bar“.

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